Rogar Kronk

Half Orc Barbarian


Rogar Kronk was born from violence. His mother Serena Holsted was once was a proud noblewoman and daughter of Nerand Holsted, Magistrate of the costal city of Ostland. She was kidnapped while working as a missionary in the Northern Reaches. She soon became the personal slave of Grugnish the Slaughterer, chieftain of the Deathfrost clan. She was impregnated by Grugnish and while she carried the baby to term, she died from complications. Rogar was allowed to live but was shunned by his father and was never fully accepted by the clan due to his human lineage. With the Deathfrost clan being one of the larger more powerfull clans in the Northern Reaches war was a constant way of living but dangers also came from within. Grugnish was murdered by his closet confidant he Grand Shaman Vrodush Vurg who took control of the clan for himself. Even though Grugnish wanted nothing to do with Rogar, he was still considered under the Chiefs protection. Once the chief was dead Rogar’s Protection was gone. Vrodush Vurg having newly claimed the role of chief ordered all half bloods within the tribe killed. Rogars instincts kicked in and he fled into the wasteland of the North fully expecting he would soon die. Having nowhere to go Rogar spent his childhood living off the land. He learned to hunt and kill; both skills would become second nature to him. This time spent in seclusion made him as savage and cold as the land that he called home. He spent his childhood alone and grew until he stood almost a full seven feet tall. While Rogar was had become a very accomplished hunter, He liked the ease of taking live stock from the local trade town of Chillting. Sleeping during the day and waking at night made it easy to go to outskirts of the town and take whatever he needed. He even began to grow a reputation in the town as some unknown monster that lived in the hills. It got to the point that Rogar actually became a really big problem to the secluded city, and a party was sent to dispatch him, they were the ones dispatched. After four hunting parties were never heard from again a Wizard was hired to accompany a party, but this time They were not out to kill but to capture. The Governess of Chillting was a woman named Delor Higrim. A lady in title only Governess Higrim was more of a man then most actual males in the realm. At one time she fought for her father as a member of his Gladatorium Extraordinaire. She gained high acclaim as a woman who most often bested men. She retired undefeated and was immensely popular to the people of the Northern Reaches. When her father died she took control of the Gladatorium and used her popularity to take control of Chillting as well. It soon became apparent to Delor that what ever was killing her men could be used to make her a lot of money. With the use of the Wizard Rogar was subdued and brought in the begin his training. Due to his pure savageness he was very hard to control and it was made the duty of his trainer to try to domesticate him. It took the deaths of five trainers before he was able to be controlled. Rogar had a lot of his mother in him and as far as Half-orcs went Rogar was very intelligent. He was able to learn to read without much effort and spoke with an almost elven grace. Rogar quickly grew from an uncontrollable beast to someone who could fully function in society. In the ring however he was becoming an even more effective fighter learning how to combine his brute savagery with a newly learned controlled fighting style. Rogar became a celebrity in the gladiatorial circles, and was transported all over Andurel to fight for Governess Higrim. However with his growing popularity across Andurel his reputation grew as well. Owners no longer were willing to book fights with him because they new there fighters would not win. It quickly became impossible to find him fights and he was no longer bringing in any money. With his usefulness waning one last fight was scheduled for him, and he was not intended to win. The fight took place in the large western city of Grayvale. Grayvale is the home of the largest arena in all of Andurel and it was filled with spectators hoping to see Rogar defeat his adversary, this time he would not. In the weeks leading to the fight he was starved and neglected. Rogar was sent to the ring with no weapons and no armor. Waiting for him in the ring were two mountain trolls. Rogar fought as well as he could but he stood no chance. He eventually he took a giant club to the back of the head splitting his skull wide open. He was discarded outside the town and left to die, but he didn’t. He was rescued by an enterprising thief who realized the possibility of having Rogar in his service. He was healed and brought back from the brink of death. The thief got more then he bargained for however, the blow to the head had damaged Rogars brain and instead of the quick thinking, intelligent half-orc he had heard of, the thief found himself being torn apart by a berserk barbarian.

Rogar found himself back where he started but this time was a little different. Rogar was once again on the move, living off the land relying only on his own abilities. All that Rogar had learned was not lost. He remembered how to speak common, and he also remembered that he was once welcome in somewhat civilized society. He would soon learn that this was no longer the case. The last thing that Rogar remembered was getting a share of his winnings. It was the first time he experienced money and he new he wanted more. Rogar began his life as a muscle for hire, and quickly became one of the most well known mercenaries in the realm. He traveled all over Andurel taking one job after another doing the job at hand and moving on never trusting anyone along the way. Everything changed when he took a job to reclaim a small keep. It seemed like easy money, one battle and he would move on. However after taking a wrong turn along the way he was delayed in making it to the keep. By the time he made got to the keep the battle was in full swing. A bit confused and not sure what to do Rogar joined in the battle, but for the wrong side. He fought along side of the forces of the keep and they were victorious. With the promise of more money he stayed in the keep and soon began adventuring in the name of Bloodsword.

Rogar Kronk

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