Eri Kazeshini

LN Cleric follower of Jergal


The followers of Jergal are few and far between. Rarely will you find a temple or tomb of followers in your travels lest you were searching for one. Most are found within the under cities or abandoned ruins. The Cult of the Endless End is one such group of followers of Jergal found within the under city of Abydos. There, the Endless specialize in combating and commanding the undead. Their purpose is to eliminate undead creatures whose existence was not sanctioned by the church or who have proven “troublesome”. They are also known to hunt those who are in violation of extending their own lives in order to cheat death.

The Endless are an older cult following that still believes in more archaic and ritualistic traditions to honor their god. Blood sacrifice, vows of silence (going so far as to cut out their own tongues), sex ritual, birth sacrifice, and demon summoning for a few examples. Eri was born during a birth sacrifice ritual within the Crypt of Imminent Death. Birth sacrifice occurs on the last night of the year; the child conceived 9 months earlier during a ritual on the last full moon at the end of the winter months. Eri was born without a cry, with an uncanny awareness and with a birthmark in the shape of a skull on her forearm. The mother, one of the high priestesses of the order, perished as the child took her first breath – a sign the other priests could not ignore. A sacrifice occurred on that day and the god appeased, the priests agreed to raise the child within the community of their order.

First being trained as a scribe Eri recorded the deaths of Abydos as soon as she could write. At the age of 8, she began training in fighting arts. As one of the elite that would hunt those who have escaped their predestined fates, Eri trained hard and soon was a favored disciple of Dyhra Zhyborrin, Head Temple Mistress. For years Eri trained under Dyhra, learning to command the dead, summon creatures and fight with their god’s favored weapon, the “White Glove” otherwise known as the death scythe.
Eri and Dyhra would go on quests to other tombs, to catacombs and to cities to search out those who have attempted to prolong their lives beyond their appointed time through magic and then terminate that existence.

Dyhra was beginning to reach the end of her own existence and the traveling was beginning to be too much. Eri began questing on her own and every year would come back to Abydos with her reports and evidence of the lives she has taken. This past year, Dyhra explained that by the time Eri returned from her next quest, she would be dead.

The evening before Eri was to leave; she was summoned to an audience with Dyhra in her quarters. Upon entering the cold sparse room, she noticed just how pale and frail Dyhra seemed to be, sitting at the wooden table centered in the middle of the room. On the table was a list of names – those who have escaped death and countless attempts to hunt them down, Dyhra explained. It was to Eri to hunt them and send them to their final resting place.

Attandor Baldrid
Caniad Iceshard
Dania Locke
Erattan Grimmel
Ierau Mosengaw
Irondora Dosar
Mekyri Dybbuk
Oilos Sangre
Tysain Metzi
Ullachelle Zahech

Abydos is a city in the north of the Sanramar Marshes found in the south/southeast of Andurel. Constantly laced with a heavy wet fog, the land is green with moss and lichen and the air endlessly humid. The city, one of the last known inhabited outposts along the trade route is known for exporting medicinal ingredients as well as magical components found in the marshes. And so, this is where Eri has started her quest for those who have escaped death, moving northward, following rumor and information as to the whereabouts of the hunted until at last she reached Bloodstone Keep, where needing the coin, Eri joins the call for mercenaries.

Eri Kazeshini

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