Bloodsword Keep

40 Man Battle!

As the party approached Isling, Rogar scouting the way silently, Bloodsword brazenly traveling the road and Eri guarding the rear flank, they crested the hill and got their first glance at the town of Isling. Taking a defensive stance among the trees just out of sight of the guard, the team spied at least 40 men, fully prepared to fight. It seems their arrival was well prepared and any chance of a stealthy and secret approach all but impossible. They made their preparations under the limbs of the pines…

Bloodsword, bold and defiant, riding Helios; her powerful and trusted war horse, jogged toward the guards. Stopping just within bow range of the men posted at the parapets, she addressed the crowd with a strong and sure voice. “I am Lord of Bloodsword Keep. Any of you who wish to make real money, I can pay you more than what you’re being paid now, I promise you. My Keep protects my jewel mine – fight for me and you’ll make double what you’re making now”.

There was a ripple throughout the crowd, a quiet murmuring, followed by a shout “FOR BLOODSWORD!!!”. Then the clash of metal as guard turned on guard – and the great battle began.

Diplomacy winning out, Bloodsword was able to turn about half the force to her side. Fireballs rained down on Grymph and his comrades from the wall from a sellsword sorcerer. Grymph, seeing his battle advantage turn on him, ran back within the walls of the town.

Finishing off the remaining guard, healing those who fought bravely, the team was introduced to Korreth, the sorcerer. Korreth explained that he was employed by Grymph and that Grymph was working for a Lord in the Baronies. He also explained that Rej had arrived yesterday and headed east last night, heading toward the Baronies.

As Eri and Bloodsword questioned Korreth, Bloodsword noticed that Rogar had quietly slipped away, as Rogar often does…

Eri looks at Bloodsword and Korreth and asks “Anyone want to get a drink at the Pristine Lady?” And the three of them head off.



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